From Clients


roseI am pleased to say that many people have really appreciated the time and space to talk through their issues with me in counselling.  Some are noted here – I have used pseudonyms for reasons of confidentiality.


“…. I find it really helpful to use this time to talk about the things there’s no time to talk about in my daily life ….”  - Tom


“I never thought I’d feel so much better after just one session!” - Anna


“Thank you so much for helping me, I feel like I can cope with life again.” - Chris


“I really value having a safe place to talk things through …” - John



From Professional Colleagues


" Pippa creates an empathic and safe space for her clients. Her work with clients who have a trauma history is enhanced by her training in sensorimotor psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma." - CH, MBACP senior accredited


“Pippa is reliable and trustworthy, making her a safe and warm person to work with.” - KG, Counsellor FdA, MBACP


“I can highly recommend Pip.”  - LS, Counsellor, Dip Couns, MBACP


"...I can very much recommend (Pippa). She strikes me as one of those 'naturals' to counselling." - AU, Psychotherapist, MA