About Me


Garden House

My passion is to help people overcome issues they feel limit them, to enable them to live more satisfying, fulfilled lives.  I work with people of all ages and the many varying, unique issues they bring, from my home office in Woking, Surrey, which is a quiet, dedicated space for my work.


My belief that we all have intrinsic value and comprise of body, mind, soul and spirit, is reflected in my work, and I provide a peaceful, un-judging space to hear and work with your concerns.


I have a particular interest in trauma recovery – be that developmental trauma from growing up in difficult circumstances, or ‘one off’ traumatic incidents.


Professional Qualifications and Assurances




Open House Counselling Service, Guildford YMCA
Counsellor to teenagers throught to 35


Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), Guildford
Student counsellor


Private Secondary Girls' School, Surrey
Student counsellor


Private Practice in Woking, Surrey

including referrals from GP surgeries, emergency services and personal recommendation